New beer atlas!

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Welcome to our new updated atlas. We added not only more than 40 new positions, but also photos of bottled beer with a beer dictionary at the end.


This time we have special exclusives on taps:


  • Viven Champagner Weisse (Viven Champagne Weiss) is a wheat ale, slightly hazy, with a dense head of white foam. The refreshing taste has a slight honey sweetness and pleasant hints of orange and lemon. Champagne yeast is used in the preparation of this beer. Viven is a Belgian brewery by Tony and Crystal Tran, who have been brewing their lifelong passion for over 20 years.


  • Viven Classic Bruin (Viven Classic Bruin) — dark Belgian ale with tones of roasted malt and chocolate, nuances of caramel and mocha. Excellent balance between bitter and sweet notes.


  • Also new from a family brewery like De Dochter van de Korenaar. Translated into Russian as «Daughter of the barley ear». This is an old Flemish expression that has been applied to beer since at least the 16th century, and has now become the name of a small family brewery from the Belgian enclave of Baarle-Hertog. The variety from them is Belle Fleur IPA (Belle Fleur IPA). This is a light, transparent IPA with pronounced hop bitterness, citrus, floral notes in aroma and taste thanks to dry hopping.


  • The good old Leffe Brune is also returning — a dark abbey ale, now brewed in Russia under license, but nevertheless with the same Belgian yeast and with the same caramel sweetish taste inherent in it.


  • A tap with dark English beer is occupied by a real English Stout — Collin’s Stout. Barton Brewers Union yeast is used in the production of this variety, which is particularly active in the fermentation process and gives the beer a clean and rich taste of dark beer.


  • Triporteur Full Moon 12 is a dark strong Belgian quadrupel ale made from a special variety of BOM Full Moon malt, which is roasted only on a full moon.


  • And on the guest tap now we have Waterloo Récolte, a distinctive Belgian product that comes with ingredients from the fertile soil of the plains of Waterloo. This refreshing seasonal beer is currently brewed on the farm of Mont Saint Jean, the battlefield of Waterloo.


There are no less updates in the assortment of bottled beer!


  • The addition to Trappist beer is the return of Engelszell Benno — the beer is brewed in the traditional dubbel style and has a light brown color, the brewery itself and the monastery are located in Austria.


  • Samples of the new brewery De Leite Brouwerij (De Leite Brouwerij). Brewery founder Luc Wermeersch is experimenting with sour ales. Now the brewery has already installed 105 barrels from fellow winemakers from the Medoc region (France), as well as eight wooden barrels with a volume of 4000 to 5000 liters.


  • Berry lambics from the Lindemans brewery. Such tastes as — cherry, raspberry, peach, black currant are presented.


  • The Zötler brewery has also expanded its line of German beer. Founded in 1447 in Rettenberg, Allgäu, this is the oldest family brewery in the world and has been run by the Zötler family for the twentieth generation.


  • From the brewery De Dochter van de Korenaar came bold new products such as Orient-Ale (Orient El) — a hybrid of sake and beer; Noblesse V.S.O.P. (Nobless V.S.O.P.) — a blond that is aged for 8 months in Filliers jenever barrels and 8 months in bottles); Crime Passionnel (Crime Passionnel) — An original wheat IPA with a spicy-creamy aftertaste and lots of tropical fruits).

Date: 02 February
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Updated menu at Lambic!

Updated menu at Lambic!

Spring is the time of the traditional renewal of the main menu in our restaurants. This time we decided to add hits from past specials to the menu, which our guests most requested to cook again. From the autumn Mexican menu, a quesadilla with chicken was added to the main menu, to which a second option was added — with a beef brisket. From the Russian Seasons menu, which we have been preparing all last winter, we took bruschetta with sprat and herring, and from the 2021 menu with different types of Belgian waffles — zucchini, with wasabi shrimp, guacamole and lettuce. Currywurst — the famous Berlin street food — grilled chicken sausage in tomato curry with french fries, cheese sauce and pickled cucumber. This dish was the sole leader on the Oktoberfest menu. The latest novelty was baked eggplant with suluguni, tomatoes and hummus, which replaced baked ramiro peppers in tonnato sauce. In addition, updates have received a few more dishes. Octopus salad is now cooked with marinated artichokes, and the classic English fish & chips has become much larger, now served with tartar sauce and moved to the main dishes section. Now about the novelties in the bar list. Returned to the menu Prosecco from Valdobbiadene from the winery Villa Sandi («Villa Sandi»). Undoubtedly, one of the best proseccos that will perfectly refresh you on a spring day! Also, a representative of the «big five» leading cognac producers and the only independent family cognac house among them, as well as the spokesman for the Borderie terroir in the Cognac region, the Camus cognac series, appeared. We have added to the Onegin tinctures section all four types that were so loved by the guests during our seasonal menu «Russian Seasons». And they expanded the map of liqueurs, among the new products — nutty Frangelico and grassy «Italian» Fernet-Branka. Reservations

22 March 2023

Generous weekend at Lambic! Special offers every day from 23 to 27 February

Generous weekend at Lambic! Special offers every day from 23 to 27 February

During the long weekend, from February 23 to February 27, every day we prepare a new dish at a special price.   February 23 — try grain-fed ribeye steak for 1600₽ instead of 2900₽. February 24 — we give any draft beer 0.33l for 280₽ + a kilogram of Magadan shrimps for 2300₽. February 25 — we give away any draft beer 0.33l for 280₽ + grain-fed New York steak for 1600₽ instead of 2500₽. February 26 — we give any draft beer 0.33l for 280₽ + a kilogram of pork ribs in Belhaven sauce with potatoes and smashed cucumbers for 2300₽. February 27 — we give any draft beer 0.33l for 280₽.     Reserve tables

20 February 2023