Weeks of Christmas beer in the Lambic!

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From 10 December to 7 January, come to Lambic and try Delirium Christmas, Smith's Winter Welcome Ale or St. Feuillien Cuvee De Noel, and we will charge 15% extra cashback on the Lambic Club card!

Delirium Christmas — This is a strong Belgian ale 10% alcohol, brewed by the Belgian brewery Brouwerij Huyghe at the junction of Winter Ale and Belgian Strong Dark Ale styles. This fragrant and warming spicy drink literally breathes the magical spirit of Christmas and New Year!

Delirium Christmas is poured into a glass in a beautiful chestnut-amber color with a beige head. The aroma is a stunning cocktail of caramel malts, ripe fruits, liqueur and of course spicy Christmas spices.

The taste is full, rich, warming. It opens with caramel-nutty malts with an expressive spicy tone. Dried fruits are felt in the middle of the sip, soft bitterness and a scattering of spices at the finish. The aftertaste is bittersweet, with hints of Christmas gingerbread and marzipan cookies. Luxurious beer! Ratebeer: 94/100.

Smith's Winter Welcome Ale The tradition of making stronger drinks for the winter has been going on ever since man discovered the warming property of alcohol. Winter Welcome Ale is brewed once a year on the eve of cold weather. Each year, the label is dedicated to a significant event and drawn by hand by an artist.

This limited edition ale is brewed for short days and long nights. Full body — the result of fermentation in  Yorkshire stills, and the rich malt flavor that most people like so much, balanced by the addition of Fagle and  Golding hops. Their complexity and saturation with citrus shades are good to discuss in front of the fireplace.

Suitable for vegans. ABV 6%

St. Feuillien Cuvee De Noel — it is a fragrant, full-bodied and dense strong ale, which is brewed annually on the eve of Christmas. Its composition includes caramel malt and a specially selected bouquet of spices, for preparation using a method of carefully controlled fermentation and long-term aging in the cold cellars of the brewery. El Saint Feuyen, Cuvée de  Noel will be a great addition to the Christmas table, he balances dense meat dishes and snacks.

St. Feuillien was founded in 1873 by Madame Stephanie Friar. The brewery was named after the Abbey of Saint Feuyen, dedicated to a canonized Irish monk who preached in the city of Le Reux in the 7th century AD. The monastery was famous in the surroundings for its exceptional beer, over time it became the center of the cultural and economic life of the region. The abbey fell in the fire of the French Revolution in 1796, and its beer recipes fell into oblivion for almost a hundred years. Madame Friar decided to restore them by opening a small brewery at the entrance to Le Reux. Its assortment was dominated by light beers, which began to regularly win prestigious ones. Now at the head of the company is the fifth generation of the Friar family, the company continues to expand and grow, occupying a significant place among the Belgian beer producers.

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Date: 10 December
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