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Pilsners and lagers account for more than 70% of the world's beer output. These are the most popular categories in the brewing market. They are made by the method of bottom fermentation, they are similar in taste and appearance, but have some differences.
It is important to know that Pilsner is a type of camp beer. That's why these drinks have similar properties. Lager and Pilsner have transparency and a Golden hue (from yellow to amber), and the taste properties may differ depending on the country in which they are produced. For example, German and Czech Pilsner varieties have a pronounced hop bitterness, while Belgian and Dutch brands are characterized by a sweet taste. In lagers, on the contrary, the taste of hops is weak, so they are perfect for salty snacks and quench your thirst.

Roman Lager (Belgium)
Alcohol: 5%. Soft and pleasant for quenching thirst, where the malt taste delicately turns into a light bitterness. Mention of the beer recipe dates back to 1945, when the brewery was not yet private.
The largest and oldest family-owned brewery in East Flanders.
It is a member of the non-profit organization family Breweries of Belgium, which includes only 21 plants, together they make up 15% of the Belgian beer producers.
The main vector of ROMAN BREWERY is the promotion and preservation of authentic, original methods and recipes of Belgian brewing, the secrets of which have been passed from generation to generation for centuries. From 1545 to the present day, the brewery has always protected and preserved the main values of the family under the management of Carlo and lode Roman in the fourteenth generation.

Spencer Pilsner (USA)
Light beer with a strength of 4.7%. It is made in the style of Pilsner. In the production of the drink, selected barley, yeast and hops are used. During the production process, «Spencer» Premium Pilsner acquires herbaceous and floral notes, in harmony with the classic bitterness in the final.
St. Joseph Abbey in Spencer (Massachusetts, USA) is a Trappist monastery that lives by the precepts of St. Benedict. It was founded in 1950 and the first 60 years of its existence, the monks received funds for its maintenance from the production of jams and fruit jellies and wanted to expand the scope of activities, so it was decided to launch a brewery. It became one of 11 Breweries that have the right to use the Trappist brand. Despite the brand's youth, Spencer beer has already become one of the standards of world brewing and has earned the highest critical acclaim.

Skinny Lager (United Kingdom)
Gluten-free lager (4% ABV). A brand new format that will appeal to all fans of American light beer (like Bud Light). Produced by the British company Skinny Brands at the facilities of the Camerons brewery.
Skinny Lager is a gluten-free variety, suitable for vegans and low-calorie (only 89 calories per bottle).
The color of the drink is light Golden. The aroma is slightly sweet malt with fresh hop tones. The taste is classic, refreshing with bread notes and a pleasant herbal bitterness. The aftertaste is light and floral.

Domus Toledo German Pilsen (Spain)
Alcohol: 4.8%. Very fresh, balanced and easy to drink beer, an optimal compromise between the German varieties Pilsen and Helles, ideal for a hot summer day. Pale yellow color, with a creamy white foam, a balance between the soft bitterness of hops and the sweetness of the Helles variety.
Cervezas Domus, S. L. is one of the first craft beer companies in Spain, it was founded in Toledo in 2007 by the brewer Fernando Campa, launching its first beer on the market: Domus ® Regia, in 2008, was one of the first pale Ales on the national market.

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