Alternative to mulled wine: a collection of warming drinks in the Lambic Brasserie chain

By November 1, Lambic has a seasonal collection of warming drinks. No templates or cliches: Brasserie offers unusual combinations of tastes, embodied in both non-alcoholic and alcoholic versions.

For a start, we can say, exclusive: true drink kalibobo Brussels, the Belgian response to the usual mulled wine. The idea goes back to the local custom of serving hot lambic with spices and rum before Christmas. Inspired by this idea and taking a traditional recipe as a model, Lambic created two drinks.

The first one is Kalibabou choco kriek (420 rubles) based on berry lambik with light rum, chocolate syrup and spices. The second — Kalibabou witte passion (420 rubles): wheat lambic with hints of citrus and dried apricots in the taste is combined with light rum, spices and passion fruit syrup, which favorably emphasizes the fruit notes of Kalibabou witte passion.

For those who prefer to warm up with something non-alcoholic, Lambic offers four non-standard punch options. Refreshing-vitamin Green fresh punch (400 rubles) is prepared on the basis of a drink of aloe, mint, Basil and tarragon syrup.for Red spicy punch (400 rubles), pomegranate juice is mixed with ginger, honey, hibiscus and spices.

Banana cream punch (400 rubles) resembles a dessert: in the relationship of the classic trio — banana, cream and caramel — pepper is added spices, led by nutmeg. Finally, guests can order Tropical yellow punch (400 rubles) — a drink in which one of the main autumn ingredients, sea buckthorn, is beaten with pineapple, mango, lemon juice and a whole scattering of spices from cloves to cinnamon.

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