Warms with taste: lambic autumn menu

Date: 01 Ноября 2018

By the beginning of November, the Lambic Brasserie chain has prepared an autumn menu. It is full of seasonal products — from pumpkins and mushrooms to figs.

The core of the new menu consists of correctly placed taste accents and precise details. For example, a salad with baked pepper, walnuts, coriander and spices is supplemented with homemade adjika (550 rubles). One of the most complex dishes among the autumn novelties is beetroot marinated in cherry sauce with balsamic vinegar, which is baked and then served with goat cheese, figs, pumpkin chips and beet leaves (590 rubles). It is worth ordering at least for the sake of a precisely built and harmonious combination of tastes.

Most of the menu is given over to pumpkin. For example, it is offered together with celery and corn as a side dish to a goat soaked in milk and stewed at low temperatures (860 rubles). And, of course, it is used to make cream soup-tender, like velvet, supplemented with pine nuts, pumpkin seeds and burrata (470 rubles).

Among the warming, autumnal first courses in Lambic, there is another novelty — white root soup with truffle oil, smoked duck breast and coriander (430 rubles), prepared according to an adapted recipe by a Michelin chef from France.

Don’t forget about seasonal mushrooms in Brasserie. From oyster mushrooms, mushrooms and porcini mushrooms, prepare fricassee, adding potato gnocchi, Parmesan and truffle oil (620 rubles).

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