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The next seasonal update of the Lambic beer atlas was carried out.

A light, refreshing Bavarian hel Bayreuther Hell has been returned to the faucet.
We have also supplied a special version of O'Hara's Irish Red with an avalanche effect.
And if and there is a perfect dark beer, then Adriaen Brouwer can safely claim this title, whose name bears the name of a famous Flemish artist.

As for the bottle card, we have already begun to prepare for spring and that expanded the range of ciders: Normandy ciders De La Brique , Bretons Val de Rance are already available in all restaurants.</p >

De La Brique cider house is located on the picturesque Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy. Artisanal production has existed since 1953 and belongs to the same family, who still use the old traditional methods of making cider.

Val de Rance. — one of the most significant cooperatives whose goal is to maximize the production of organic ciders. They take great care of the surrounding nature and apply also organic processing of their orchards.

A an interesting grape ale from Yakor   —  — Anchor Cabernet Sauvignon. The brewers used a sophisticated technology of carbonic maceration in the preparation of grape must, which gave our ale not only a deep color, but also fullness of taste and "winy" astringency. After a long (more than 3 months!) maturation of the beer in the tank, the Belgian fermentation method in the bottle was applied.

More about new products on faucet:

"O'Hara's" Irish Red — traditional Irish red ale, brewed according to a special recipe, based on the heritage and traditions of Irish beer production, from natural ingredients. This ale was once called "Moling's Red Ale", but now bears the name of the founders of the Carlow brewery — O'Hara.

Bayreuther Hell — light, refreshing Bavarian hel with rich taste, aroma and subtle hop bitterness. The beer is brewed at a family-owned Bavarian brewery using the best varieties of malt aromatic hops.

Adriaen Brouwer — a beer named after the famous artist Adrian Brouwer, who was born in Audenarde (the town in which the Roman brewery stands) in 1605 . The beer itself is dark, but without the strength inherent in many dowels. Malt plays the main part in the taste, but there is no special sweetness or caramel.

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Date: 11 October
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Test Kitchen's new seasonal menu

Test Kitchen's new seasonal menu

Test kitchen is a project where you can be the first to try new products for the main menu of Brasserie Lambic. Brand-chef Alexey Yashayev has prepared 9 dishes, the best of which will soon be added to the main menu of our restaurants. We recommend you to start with the famous French meat pie pat&eacute;-croute, filled with duck, turkey and chicken with pork, framed with a layer of thin dough. We serve two dishes at once with the flamekesh flatbread: tuna tartare with sesame kimchi and seared salmon, which we spread on the flatbread in a thin layer with avocado. Crispy chicken was prepared in two variations: with summer green salad or pattitim pasta with oyster mushrooms. Hearty beef steak is prepared with mozzarella and onion marmalade, and we advise to take crispy ciabatta to seafood in tomato sauce! Bar manager Diana Dvoretskaya presented three refreshing spritzes that will be the perfect addition to the veranda season at Lambic: with strawberry, peach and limoncello. And on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00 there is a special promotion - Aperol Spritz for 550 rubles.&nbsp; See you at Lambic!

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Lenten menu at Lambic

Lenten menu at Lambic

We&nbsp;at&nbsp;Lambic are attentive to&nbsp;what is&nbsp;important for our guests, so&nbsp;for Lent we&nbsp;have prepared a&nbsp;special menu with a&nbsp;variety of&nbsp;colorful dishes. To&nbsp;start we&nbsp;offer crispy bruschetta with artichokes, vegetable spring rolls and falafel salad, and as&nbsp;a&nbsp;hot appetizer we&nbsp;serve baked eggplants with tofu cream. For the first course there is&nbsp;mushroom ramen, and the main course is&nbsp;presented with cauliflower steak with quinoa and hearty BBQ shawarma with falafel. We&nbsp;will not leave without dessert&nbsp;&mdash; we&nbsp;bake banana pai with lemon sorbet. Be&nbsp;inspired, grow spiritually and do&nbsp;not sacrifice taste&nbsp;&mdash; we&nbsp;are waiting for the Lenten menu until the beginning of&nbsp;May!

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