Trio with a Belgian accent

Three dishes from the chef Brasserie Lambic for 1100 rubles-easy!

The set menu includes: baked eggplant with hummus, sarmelle shrimp with avocado and Vegas steak with potatoes baked in Svan salt. If three dishes are a lot, you can order two to choose from for 890 rubles. Add a glass of beer to the set, you will get a great peyring, the Brasserie will tell you which foam drink will best emphasize the taste of dishes. The set is available for order in the two restaurants of the network — on Gogol and Strastnoy boulevards.
In the menu:
Baked eggplant with hummus
Hummus for the dish is prepared right there in the kitchen. Eggplant is baked on coals, tahini is added and burned on top with a burner before serving.
Carmelle shrimp with avocado
Sweet, Argentinean prawns are marinated in a sauce of oil, lemon, vinegar and chili pepper for two hours, and avocado is grilled. Before serving, the dish is burned with a burner for a characteristic smoked smell.
Vegas steak with potatoes baked in Svan salt
For steak, take beef from the spatula, potatoes after baking are put in a smoker to display the taste. The dish is served with demiglas sauce with the addition of star anise and cardamom.

The gastronomic set is available to order in two restaurants:
Strastnoy b-R, 7, p. 1. Tel: +7 (495) 432-09-90
Gogolevsky b-R, 33/1. T.: +7 (495) 432-09-90

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