Closing Of The Bruegel Festival

Throughout March, Brasserie Lambic, with the support of our partners-the Flanders and Brussels tourism offices-hosted the Bruegel festival, where we played three of the coolest trips for two to Brussels! The first two trips were drawn using guest profiles that were registered for every 3000 rubles. in the receipt, starting March 3.

On 26 March we held a drawing and the lucky winners are: Denis Thals and Natalia Emelyanova.
Third trip was raffled off among the guests taking dinner on a Passionate and the winner was Alexander Bogdanov.preg_match
We thank everyone for participating and sincerely congratulate the winners! Lambic Brasserie team wishes you happy travels and unforgettable impressions!

Friends, there is still a lot of surprises and magical moments! Stay tuned, Lambic for friends!

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